On Hold

Unfortunately, due to my lack of experience with writing Sims 3 stories, I am putting this story on hold. I feel that with my current level and experience, I cannot take the right screenshots and things to be able to tell this story the way that I want it to be told.

In the meantime, however, I have started a practice story! It will be a little more laid back and things, but still as interesting as I can possibly make it!

The Litharine Legacy

Do not fret, I will be coming back to this, but when I feel that I will be able to tell it properly!

Salorin’s New Beginning



The Legacy of the Valentines

Generation One: Prologue


Damn them! The young fae thought. Why did they give me up so easily? I wouldn’t be in this mess right now if they hadn’t! Damn them!

The sun was shining down. The cool sea breeze sent the smell of the salty air wafting over the island. It was a beautiful summer day. Normally, a day like today would put Salorin in high spirits, but not this time. The sentence the faerie court had given her was still fresh in her mind. She would have accepted doing community work, even patrolling the lands! But no, those punishments would have been too easy for the ring leader. They had to give her something that was more harsh. They had to banish her to the mortal realm. The human world. It was the worst punishment that a fae could get. No fae would want to be in the human plane. Unless they were a human lover, or something. Salorin was not one of those.

“It wasn’t even that bad of a crime!” She moaned to no one in particular. “Damn, arrogant prince!”

The young fae ran her hand over her hair. A bird chirped as it flew overhead. The sound of waves lazily rolling to shore reached her. At least they had picked a nice place for her punishment. It was a nice little island called Sunlit Tides. Relaxing atmosphere, white sandy beaches, they had also given her a huge block of land with a small human house on it and some starting money. It seemed like that they had given her at least some leniency. Usually, they just plopped people in the worst human village possible and wouldn’t give them anything to start out with. It seemed the high court had the mind to realize the punishment the prince had demanded for her, was too severe for what she had done.

“If only he could see me now! The damned arrogant asshole,” she smirked.

It was then that she noticed she was starting to over heat. Salorin looked up at the sky. A blinding light made her wince and close her eyes in recoil. Damn sun! She thought. Spots started forming as the fae looked away. Blinking them out of existance, she turned and looked towards the small, one room house and let out a sigh. It was time to investigate.


The one room was tiny to say the least. It looked like a huge eyesore on the huge, beautiful block of land. All the furniture seemed too cluttered. It was like everything had just been placed without any regard to space. The small, single bed was against one wall, right next to the door. A T.V. and white two seater couch had been pushed up against the opposite side. Then there was the kitchen, set up in the corner at the back of the house with all of the basics. A small cheap dining table was placed in the centre. And last, but not least was the cramped bathroom, with a cheap tub, toilet and sink.

Salorin’s eyebrow was raised in disgust as she surveyed the house. At least its nicely decorated, she thought. It definitely wasn’t to her taste though. Placing her hands on her hips, she let out a sigh. This would have to do, for now. She couldn’t be too annoyed. It could have been much worse.


“Now what?” She said.

An uneasiness started to fill her. The reality of her situation was starting to sink in. Shit, she knew nothing of the human world and how it worked. What did she learn in school about it, again? Whatever it was, it wouldn’t come to her. Then again, when it had come to human studies, she hadn’t really paid too much attention. Salorin cursed. The start of her new life in the mortal world was not going well.