The Author

Obligatory About Me

Well, I suppose I should start off by saying that I am an aspiring fantasy writer. One day, I would love to see a trilogy of mine on the shelves (or in the ebook store). But alas, from the moment I could write, it was just a hobby for me. That is why I say that I am an aspiring writer. I need a lot of practice and still have a long way to go. That is one of the reasons why I am writing this Sims 3 legacy story. It seemed like the perfect way to practice my writing, while getting people to read my stuff. Either way, I do have a long way to go, so please bare with me. =P

Either way, time for the little bit about me part.

I am a twenty six year old female from Melbourne, Australia. I am your typical geek. I love my video games, fantasy bo0ks, movies, tv shows, and the like. Also, you’ll never see me without a coffee (=P). Recently, I started a job as a part-time receptionist at a small motel, which I am loving and is giving me a lot of time to focus on my writing. Obviously, I am not too good at these things. I am not good at talking about myself, so I might just leave it like this for now.


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