The Summary

The Valentine Legacy

A Sims 3 Legacy Story



Salorin Valentine has been banished from the realm of the fae and into the human world. All because of a prank gone wrong against the prince of the fae. Damn arrogant, asshole! As Salorin likes to say. Luckily, the faerie court took pity on her and started her off on a nice sunny island with a big block of land, a cramped and cheap house, and a small sum of money. Now, the cheeky and fun loving fae must learn to live in the world of humans. This is the story of her life and how she learns to adjust to the world she now lives in, all the while trying to figure out how to get back into the world of the fae! But after a while, does she really want to?

This is a version of a sims 3 legacy, and its my first story! This story will not follow all the rules or have a score. The only rules I will be following with it will be that it is a matriarch family and then the husband must be a game generated sim. Other than that, I’m am just telling a story!

Either way, I hope you enjoy reading it!


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